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The treatments for the body firming the Chic and Beauty are addressed in men and women who want immediate and visible results, non-invasive.

Body firming Chic and Beauty

The epidermal relaxation is a problem that employs a large percentage of men and women. The relaxation of the skin is connected with the great loss, but that does not mean that factors such as gender and age does not play a significant role.

Many confuse the muscle with the epidermal relaxation and resorting to fitness centres, considering that with the strengthening of the muscles restore and epidermal relaxation.

Σύσφιξη σώματος Chic and Beauty

Firming body with Slim Effect

The revolutionary new method of Slim Effect is an innovative process that will help you to increase your muscle mass and at the same time to reduce the fat.

Now you can get a well-shaped body, ανορθωμένους buttocks and a ripped abdomen in the most painless way.

How does the Slim Effect;

The Slim Effect is a modern machine which is operated with advanced technology and in particular in a focused and high electromagnetic field, which stimulates the neurons in order to strengthen the muscles and at the same time to reduce the fat percentages.

In short, this is a modern machine with strong muscle contractions, offers an excellent training of the body and help increase the metabolism and thus in the reduction of fat.

The advantages of the Slim Effect

  • Reduce fat by up to 20% and increase in lean muscle mass and carbs 18%.
  • In 30 minutes it's like you have to 30,000 repetitions in the gym.
  • This is a painless, non-invasive method.
  • Comfortable and easy process.
  • The machine does not emit radiation or electricity.
  • Excellent results in the tightening of the body.
  • Suitable for both men and women.
  • Reduces pain in the joints and muscles.
  • It helps to control blood pressure and prevent diabetes.

In fact, the significant results that offers this revolutionary method is apparent from the very first month. Get well and you the body of your dreams without spending long hours in the gym.

Slim Effect
Slim Effect

Firming body with the RF method

H method RF it is still a non-invasive method for chipping of loose and wrinkled body. With the emission of radio frequency energy is carried to the depth of the skin. This action, has a beneficial effect in this and in the adipose tissue.

The treatment of tightening RF it is ideal for every skin type and every period of time, as it does not cause photosensitivity.

The four-pole RF combines monopolar and tripolar radio frequency, the action of which reaches into the skin with impressive results, clamping and recovery from the first session, deeper than any other device of this type.

Radio frequencies stimulate the fibroblasts and help:

  • In the production of collagen
  • In the production of elastin
  • The tightening of the connective tissue (with the same results of surgical lifting).

The RF causes heating of the tissues of the dermis and fat cells. The heat that activates fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin and to achieve restoration of the internal environment of the cell, resulting in the immediate tightening of the skin.

The treatments with the application of radio frequencies used for :

  • Dealing with cellulite
  • Body firming
  • Reduce points
  • Rebuild collagen
  • Reduction of local fat
  • Lipolysis
  • Improve lymphatic circulation

So we get a result noticeably visible for a skin:

  • Smooth
  • Glamorous
  • Bright

The treatment is completely safe and painless while you see your body changing.

Tightening with Cryotherapy

The treatment of cryotherapy is a method of clamping in which shall be submitted to the body at very low temperatures.

At the time of treatment increases the metabolic our rate, where the body starts to consume more calories.

Cryotherapy fights cellulite causes skin tightening and accelerates the loss, and weight control.

In addition strengthens the immune system while there was a significant reduction of stress and fatigue.

Σύσφιξη με Κρυοθεραπεία

Electrotherapy - MEDISLIM

The ect is a non-invasive treatment for localized fat, the breast and buttocks but also the elimination of cellulite.

The sequence of pulses that are sent through the medislim the muscles causing the σύσπασή them, in a manner similar to that of physical exercise.

It improves blood flow to the muscles as well as in the surrounding tissues and increases the intake of oxygen.

Electrotherapy is used for the training:

  • Buttocks
  • Breast
  • Stomach
  • Thigh
  • Of the abdominal area

With the method of electrotherapy is achieved:

  • Loss of inches and pounds
  • Fat burning
  • Fight cellulite
  • Deep toning and firming muscles
  • Increase metabolic rate
  • Oxygenation of the cells
  • Elimination of toxins substances
  • Increase muscle stimulation
Ηλεκτροθεραπεία - MEDISLIM

Slimming and tightening with ULTRATONE

The ultratone is a machine a passive exercise which with the use of the power of a specific frequency is for the purpose of slimming and firming.

The application of the specific points helps to improve the texture of the skin and at the same time to reduce the volume of fat cells, so that there is a uniform waste of points in "problem areas".
It is a machine of the latest technology with a pleasant feeling in the implementation of the restful and effective.

It helps in the reduction of points without relaxes the skin from the weight loss.

In the application of treatment Ultratone is carried out:

  • Tightening of the waist and belly
  • Uplifting and formatting buttocks
  • Slimming thighs
  • Reduction of cellulite
  • Uplifting and formatting of the breast
  • Relief and toning of the skin
  • Elimination of toxins
Σύσφιξη και αδυνάτισμα με ULTRATONE
Slimming and tightening with ULTRATONE

3D Ultherapy HIFU

The Chic & Beauty Med Spa is equipped with the new system 3D Ultherapy HIFU, the best system for anti-aging therapies, clamping and recovery of face and body, equipped with seven different heads based on the proven technology of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (ΗΙFU) or technology-Focused Ultrasound of High Intensity.

Ultherapy – What is it?

The Ultherapy is a recent, non-surgical method to lift and tightening of the skin. Is the only cosmetic treatment that has received certification from the Us Food and Drug administration (FDA), that acts as a natural facelift.

The Ultherapy is carried out with the use of ultrasound and achieves to neutralize the effect of time and severity of the skin.

As the procedure is bloodless and painless. Use the regenerative powers of the agency for the fight of relaxation and mild and gradual lifting of the skin.

The results are immediate, long lasting, while the cost of quite accessible. Get the body of your dreams, painlessly, without a scalpel and without side effects.

Ultherapy HIFU
Ultherapy HIFU

Body & Face Elite Machine

The procedure it belongs to the non-invasive aesthetic treatments which is used in the body to the machine Body & Face Elite Machine.

With the combination of radio frequency energy (3.4 Mhz up to 120 Watts) and ultrasound, is provided with a fully controlled heating at the site of application.

The purpose of the heating of the area of application is the treatment:

  • The relaxation of the skin
  • The deeper layers of adipose tissue

The temperature is controlled in real time as there is a thermometer at the head of the device.

During treatment, the temperature rises to 40-42° C for almost 5 minutes, helping to increase collagen production.

A result of the increase in temperature is the skin tightening and the reduction of adipose tissue.

The use of the device is suitable for people with mild to quite difficult problems, and adipose tissue. In fact, the results are evident from the very first session.

Some of the advantages of this treatment are the following:

  1. Bloodless treatment
  2. Not caused pain
  3. You return to your daily life immediately
  4. Safe therapy without side effects

However, as is always the case, and the degree of difficulty, it is likely to require more sessions. The final result of treatment with Body & Face Elite Machine is completed after 2-3 months, after the results of treatment, continue to act in the body for approximately 2-3 months after the end of the

Αισθητική θεραπεία BTL EXILIS
Aesthetic treatment

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